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Hosted Voice with only a minimal capital outlay required, a reliable and proven service.

With our hosted voice we provide Polycom IP phones as standard but other phones are availble.

Our recommended handset for general office use is the Polycom VVX411 for the following reasons:

* the handset is reliable
* offers a clear call quality
* the menu is user friendly
* the screen and key layout is easy to understand
for hosted voice we recommend the polycom VVX411 as the standard phone
Hosted phone system is routed through lines such as Broadband instead of conventional telephone lines

Benefits of Hosted telephony include -

  • Grow or reduce your phone set-up as your business changes
  • Stay up to date, as upgrades in technology can be added without new hardware needing to be purchased
  • It is extremely flexible and enables you to Divert calls quickly and easily to another site, mobile numbers or home numbers
  • Link sites including home workers seamlessly to your main phone system
On 3 year contracts there is the option of Polycom IP phones for free

For more information on Hosted Voice and how we can help you - please either use the contacts form below or telephone 01491 682 552
choose a phone to suit your business requirements
how we connect hosted voice telephones, simple guide
Flexible and Reliability
Allows working from mulitpy locations
HD Voice
Add more users with ease
Cost Effective
Competitive  pricing
Low cost calls
Option for inclusive calls
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